Stephen’s Statement of Faith

This is the first part of a much larger assignment in my ST106 class, in which we were asked to write a “basic doctrinal statement” with the following criteria: The basic statement will be one (1) page, single spaced (about 500 words). It will summarize the student’s personal doctrinal convictions in non-technical (but biblically and theologically accurate) language similar to a church’s or ministry’s doctrinal statement. It will include parenthetical key Scripture references and will seek to reflect the orthodox, protestant, evangelical faith. Bibliology: The bible is God’s holy word, inspired by the Holy Spirit, written by men, inerrant in … [Read more]

Stolen Weed Eaters and the End Times

The following is an assignment from my ST106 class (Eschatology) wherein we were required to write a 1-page, single spaced paper responding to the following prompt: Discuss the priority of Hope in Christian Eschatology. What is its content? What is its value? How has eschatological hope affected you personally in life and ministry? Enjoy! In determining the level of priority which “hope” takes in Christian Eschatology, one must answer two questions, at least. First, “Hope in, or that, what?” and second, “How does the Christian go about hoping?” The result of answering these two questions will do the bulk of … [Read more]