Should She Stay or Should She Go? The Canonicity of Esther

The Topic Of Canonicity There are some books in the Bible that had a hard time getting there. Esther had the hardest time of all. A book’s canonicity, whether or not it should be accepted as Holy Scripture, is an extremely important issue for each book of the Bible. The New Testament Canon is a much easier subject to discuss than the old because we know a lot more about how it was formed. There are extensive records of the development of the New Testament Canon and we can point to many different Church councils that solidified the New Testament … [Read more]

Let’s Talk About Sex

This is a paper written for my Wisdom Literature class. It is meant to give a theology of sex, meaning outline the ideals and the created order of sex, as well as discuss the perversions and corruptions. It has the potential to come off callous and legalistic. The practical outworking of these principles is very different than they sound on this page. Grace is very much involved with the process of dealing with sexual sin. That section of sex is not covered in this paper, nor is it intended to be. This is merely an attempt to clearly define what … [Read more]

Don’t Be Who You Are, Be Someone Better

There is a cultural phenomenon sweeping through our world today, and I think it can best be epitomized by a comment made by Taylor Swift in an interview discussing her hit music video “Shake it Off.” The comment was, “I wanted it to be—kind of—unapologetic about like, ‘you don’t like me for being who I am, watch me be who I am more.’” [1] It’s the phenomenon of being who you are… unapologetically. Some female celebrities who have spearheaded this phenomenon are Jennifer Lawrence (known for her wacky behavior and outspoken nature on unhealthy body image), Taylor Swift (quoted above), … [Read more]

The Script

A script has been given to Christians today It tells them the words that a Christian should say. Lord fill my heart or Lord give me peace Lord use your power to make my pain cease We speak the right words and we do the right deeds And say we’re, quote, “ready to go and plant seeds.” if you pray for me then I’ll go pray for you. Take love and make love… but show love? To who? My neighbors are mean, and my enemies lie And I want my friends to think I’m a nice guy! This script, farce, … [Read more]

The Seven Signs of John’s Gospel

Introduction Within the Gospel of John, there are seven or eight – depending on one’s outline – major miracles recorded. This paper will take the position that the healing of Lazarus, and not the resurrection itself, was the seventh sign. That being said, they are as follows: (1) Turning water into wine, (2) healing an official’s son, (3) healing at the pool of Bethesda (4) feeding of the five-thousand, (5) walking on water, (6) healing of the man born blind, (7) raising Lazarus from the dead. The Resurrection of Jesus will be treated as an eighth miracle and not examined … [Read more]