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I realized today that I don’t write things that most people like.

In a blog post, most people would prefer one of two things:

(1) a set of vague, feel-good phrases about how everything is nice and they felt the change in their fears and knew in their heart to go the distance and love themselves when nobody was on their side with the swallowing their pride in the nature, love good, makes me wish love hate like free in the summer.


(2) Something remarkably inflammatory and bigoted that carries the same amount of thought as the first type, but this time with more racism, name-calling, and death-threats.

I try not to write that stuff.

One thing, however, that I have in common with these types of blogs? Click-bait.

My blog titles are click-bait city. However, just because I use click-bait, it doesn’t mean I don’t think. I try to write things that are biblically based and have thought behind them. If you go to the bottom of this website, you’ll see two quotes that are my philosophy for this blog. “I love the Lord, I love His people, I love His word, and I love putting all three together.” And  “If I get you to think, I’ve done my job. I’m much more pleased with an atheist who knows what he believes and why than a Christian who doesn’t know either.”

I’m a thinker, and I was recently confronted with the fact that I’m not much of a feeler.

My Friends Who are Feelers

I’ve got friends in ministry who wear their feelings on their sleeves. They open up about anything and everything and people love them for their honesty, and I love them for it too. That’s the way they do ministry. They manage to put into words what most people have only experienced as a lump in the throat, a knot in the stomach, or some kind of primal growl. Their pains, their joys, their dreams are right there on the surface for all to see. They have no secrets.

Me, Who’s a Thinker

I on the other hand, keep my feelings to myself. I’d much rather minister with ideas than with feelings. I’d much rather answer someone’s questions than cry with them. I’d much rather prove my love to my friends by always being there to listen, always being ready with a helpful thought, or always being willing to call them out on their BS and tell them to cut the excrement and get real. I don’t express my feelings that much or that well.

I think that both types of ministry are loving when done correctly, and both can be harmful when done incorrectly. Both have their pros and cons. Both have a place in the body of Christ. Both are needed…

But some times I wish I could do it their way.
Sometimes I wish I could open up and talk about my insecurities…

But that’s not me. So I deal with it.

Awkward enough for you?



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