Millennials: It’s Not About You!

Barna’s Recent Poll Before saying anything else, recognize this: I’m a Millennial. I’m not saying anything here to Millennials which I don’t want said to me. That said… Barna just released a fascinating poll result, in which they asked Christians from different generations about their comfort level with, and theology of, evangelism. Look at the chart (linked here), and at the top of the post and notice two points of data. Point 1) MORE Millennials than any other group agree with the statement “I am gifted at sharing my faith with other people.” Point 2) FEWER Millennials than any other … [Read more]

How My Grammar Nazi Mom Taught Me to Think

I grew up with a grammar Nazi. I called her mommy. In my household, a day would not go by without phrases like, “I don’t know, ‘can’ you?” “You mean, ‘My friend and I,” and “Did you mean ‘was’ or ‘were’? How many ‘was’ there?” ringing through the house. You might’ve also noticed that a certain condescending sarcasm accompanied most of the grammatical corrections that came my way. My regular readers now understand where I’ve gotten all of my style from. (<Is that a preposition at the end of that sentence?!?!?) These daily corrections were, at the time, some of … [Read more]

The Pope Repented

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post. I’ve been going through some stuff. I’ll leave it at that. However, the Pope finally responded to the Pennsylvania news, and I wanted to think out loud about it, so here it goes. A quick disclaimer: I do speak fairly strongly against the Roman Catholic Church in this post. I hope that my Roman Catholic friends understand that I am not speaking against THEM, but against particular doctrines of the institution with which they identify. Please don’t take personal offense at my words, and please talk to me and … [Read more]


Introduction It’s no secret that I have a lot of views people find offensive. I’ll even say I have some views that actually ARE offensive. Offending people for the right reasons is sometimes not a vice, but a virtue. It’s quite offensive to tell someone that they are a wicked sinner, destined for hell, the intentions of their hearts continually on selfish and evil desires, and apart from the sheer grace and good-will of God they would not be able to take another breath. What could be more offensive than that? I’ll tell you what many people find more offensive … [Read more]

Can Women Teach?

Introduction I’m having this conversation more and more. DTS Houston held a special panel entitled “Rediscovering God’s Vision for Male/Female Partnerships in Ministry.” It was Moderated by Dr. Sandra Glahn, and filled with various people, half DTS profs, and half friends of the seminary. Since that panel happened I’ve had the conversation about the question of “women pastors” about 20 times, and I think the time has come for a blog post about it. It’s a big one in conservative Christian culture. It’s coming to a head, and the times, they are a changing. I will address it this way: … [Read more]