Stolen Weed Eaters and the End Times

The following is an assignment from my ST106 class (Eschatology) wherein we were required to write a 1-page, single spaced paper responding to the following prompt: Discuss the priority of Hope in Christian Eschatology. What is its content? What is its value? How has eschatological hope affected you personally in life and ministry? Enjoy! In determining the level of priority which “hope” takes in Christian Eschatology, one must answer two questions, at least. First, “Hope in, or that, what?” and second, “How does the Christian go about hoping?” The result of answering these two questions will do the bulk of … [Read more]

Innocent Until Proven Guilty is A Christian Idea

In our society we have a wonderful legal principle summarized by the phrase “Innocent until proven guilty.” Juries in our system can only convict a person of a crime if they determine that evidence dictates, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, that he or she actually committed that crime. This assumption in our legal system ultimately allows the possibility that many people will be able to commit crimes and escape punishment for those crimes. One of my favorite movies, “12 Angry Men” starring Henry Fonda, revolves around this question: can we send a man to the electric chair without being absolutely certain … [Read more]

AOC is Right! The World is Going to End in 12 Years Because of Climate Change

What Happened Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said that the world is going to end in 12 years because of climate change, and the right excoriated her for it, mocked her relentlessly, and pointed out how arbitrary and untrue it is. But those conservatives are wrong! AOC’s statement is very true if understood for its true meaning. What She Meant I’m all about “authorial intent” on this blog, and I understand what the “author” of those words (AOC) meant by them, unlike my fellow conservatives. They must be understood from a post-modern and relativistic standpoint. To clarify AOC’s true and accurate meaning, we … [Read more]

The Senate Democrats are Officially, Openly, Evil

What Happened The Democrats now openly act on the logical conclusion of their sadistic view of sex. 44 Democrats voted specifically to deny a bill that would require life-saving care for a living baby, outside the womb, sitting on a table struggling for life, if its mother had tried to kill it moments before. Christians, if you ever cast a vote for any one of these 44 Democrats in the future, YOU KNOWINGLY SUPPORT EVIL. There is no longer any gray area. There are no longer any “pragmatic arguments” about wanting to “decrease the amount of abortions.” This is just … [Read more]

A 13-Year-Old Asked Me A Better Question Than Any 20-Year-Old Has

The Context I was working a youth retreat this weekend and I was one of the leaders for 7th grade men. I say men, and not boys, because these men acted more like men than many Millennial boys I know. I believe in credit where it is due, and these men deserve credit. One in particular asked a question that should be asked by far more Christians. When discussing the gospel, the fact that people are saved from eternal torment in hell by believing in the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, we were making the point of what … [Read more]