Christians and Contraception

This topic is one that can get into the weeds and can get confusing, so I’m going to try to address it with my usual logical clarity and I might end up offending someone in the process. Please know upfront that I don’t intend to offend, all I intend to do is try to present the truth from the Bible as clearly as I can. You might go listen to the lesson “A Biblical View of Abortion, Contraception, and In-Vitro Fertilization” in conjunction with this post for some good resources or clarification. The question to be addressed is this: Should … [Read more]

Abortion Isn’t Legal

I decided to sit down and actually read the Roe v Wade decision. I suggest doing it yourself. Here’s a link to it if you’re so inclined. Many people are unfamiliar with what it actually argues and why. If they know anything about it, they know “Roe v. Wade made abortion legal in all 50 states.” They are wrong in that assessment. Let me summarize the argument that the court actually made in very plain English: We think a mother has a constitutional right to an abortion (in some situations), under the “right of privacy” primarily “found” in the ninth … [Read more]

The Settlement

The bars of the cell slammed shut behind man number one. He rubbed his forehead. The force with which he had hit the floor nearly knocked him out. He looked to his left and saw two other cells, lit with a dim red light, and two other men, just like him, sitting on the floor. Man number two, in the middle cell, was hunched in a little ball, shivering. Man number three, in the cell on the far right, was rubbing his left hand on the floor absentmindedly. “Why am I here?” asked man number one. Man number three looked … [Read more]

The One Thing All Christians Should Agree On

The One Thing All Christians Should Agree On: Little Christs, Church Unity, and a Lesson in Christology I heard someone in an argument say, “If there is one thing all Christians should agree on, it’s that abortion is wrong.” Now I quite agree that abortion is wrong, and I tend to seriously question someone who calls himself a Christian and supports abortion. They are pretty antithetical ideas. All the way from the beginning, Adam and Eve were told to “multiply.” They weren’t told, “Kill your kids if they’re inconvenient.” Sorry, was I a little sarcastic there? I tend to think … [Read more]