The One Thing All Christians Should Agree On

The One Thing All Christians Should Agree On: Little Christs, Church Unity, and a Lesson in Christology I heard someone in an argument say, “If there is one thing all Christians should agree on, it’s that abortion is wrong.” Now I quite agree that abortion is wrong, and I tend to seriously question someone who calls himself a Christian and supports abortion. They are pretty antithetical ideas. All the way from the beginning, Adam and Eve were told to “multiply.” They weren’t told, “Kill your kids if they’re inconvenient.” Sorry, was I a little sarcastic there? I tend to think … [Read more]

What Does it Mean to BE Gay?

Let me be clear up front. NONE OF MY STATEMENTS SHOULD BE DIRECTLY APPLIED TO THOSE OUTSIDE THE CHURCH. This is all that non-Christians need to read: You still have an old nature and need to hear the gospel (the good news) that Jesus died to take away the penalty of your sins and bring you eternal life. Jesus died because He loves you. God the Father sent God the Son to save you from the penalty of your sins because He loves you. Yes. You’re a sinner, and God loves you anyway. God loves you, fornicator. God loves you, … [Read more]

The Hospital Love Letter

The Bible: Not Just a Love Letter. The Church: Not Just a Hospital. There are two phrases present in the church today that I really get annoyed by. Admittedly, they are for incredibly picky reasons, but that doesn’t stop me from getting annoyed. Honestly, they probably wouldn’t aggravate me so much if people didn’t often try to build doctrine on them. The two phrases are these: The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind The Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints. You’re probably thinking right now, “How could you not like those two sayings? They … [Read more]