A Dinosaur at Twenty-four

A Class this Summer This summer I took a class at Seminary called “Cultural Dynamics in Ministry.” Essentially, it was a cross-cultural missions class. It was a one-week intensive, which means you go 5 days in a row from 8-5 and do all the lectures for the three-credit-hour course in one week. To top it off, we had a first-time visiting professor from Asbury Seminary. He is a fairly well-known Christian Anthropologist (emphasis on the anthropologist part) who has quite a bit of experience in foreign missions. However, he’s very much NOT a theologian, which created conflict in class. He … [Read more]

Trinitarian Doctrinal Statement

The following is a doctrinal statement I did for my ST 102 class: Trinitarianism. The prompt was as follows: “All students will write a doctrinal statement and ministry application paper. This assignment includes two parts. The first section is a descriptive definition of God, which should not exceed one page in length (single-spaced, normal font and margins) with biblical and theological references arranged as endnotes (no length specified here). The definition should state your beliefs about God. The explanation and defense of those beliefs should be in the endnotes, to avoid distracting from the flow of the definition. The second … [Read more]

Yes You’re a Sinner and No It’s Not “Okay”

  There are two parts to this title and each reflects some common rhetoric I hear among Christians. I think the entire statement needs to be hammered into people’s skulls. Yes You’re a Sinner and No It’s Not “Okay.” It’s such a basic truth that I wonder why it needs saying, but we have to address the issues as they arise. Let’s look at the first half first. “Yes, you’re a sinner” Christians today usually fall into one of two camps on this, either they refuse to ever acknowledge sin, or they never get off of sin to talk about … [Read more]

Stop Inviting Your Friends To Church!!

  Okay, I don’t mean that… exactly. Of course, bring your friends to church, but what I mean is, stop using the Sunday morning church service as your way of sharing the gospel. It’s not the church building’s job to evangelize the lost. It’s the church’s job. (When I say church in this sense I mean the people who make up the body of Christ. The universal church made up of those who believe a core set of doctrines about the God-Man Jesus the Christ and what he did on the cross.)   MAN UP (or WOMAN UP) and tell … [Read more]