The Script

A script has been given to Christians today

It tells them the words that a Christian should say.

Lord fill my heart or Lord give me peace

Lord use your power to make my pain cease

We speak the right words and we do the right deeds

And say we’re, quote, “ready to go and plant seeds.”

if you pray for me then I’ll go pray for you.

Take love and make love… but show love? To who?

My neighbors are mean, and my enemies lie

And I want my friends to think I’m a nice guy!

This script, farce, lie, fantasy, play we perform

To satisfy those who, like us, are lukewarm

Who claim to believe and say that they know

But really right now have a lump in their throat

Cause they never did stop for a minute to think

Is it actually true?

before taking a blink

And then joining in singing and praising THEIR God.

The created lay’s claim never thinking it’s odd.

Simply say the right words and close your eyes tight.

It won’t have to be true if I act the part, right?

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