Reginald P. Togbottom’s Search for an Exquisite Word: A Short Story (Part 1)

On his forty-third birthday Reginald P. Togbottom was the greatest writer alive, and no one knew it yet. He was a stout man and enjoyed stout beer, the foam of which often clung to his chevron mustache. This fact necessitated the breast pocket of his three-piece, pin-striped suit be solely for the storage of a small comb with which Reginald would sweep away the suds when enjoying said coffee and chocolate beverages. His appearance and mannerisms made him the butt of many jokes, the punchlines of which often included the names Hercule Poirot or Uncle Pennybags, though Reginald rightly considered … [Read more]

The Gate is Small (Pt. 8)

This is a continuation of an allegorical tale begun in The Gate is Small (Pt. 1) and continuing through The Gate is Small (Pt. 2), The Gate is Small (Pt. 3), The Gate is Small (Pt. 4), The Gate is Small (Pt. 5), The Gate is Small (Pt. 6), and The Gate is Small (Pt. 7). I suggest reading the full story in order, but of course, that’s only my opinion. Though he had told Jack he would be there, Gilbert never came to the hostel that night. The brisk morning air trickled through the room as Jack and I … [Read more]