On Monday Nights at 7:00pm a group of theologically minded men in Houston Texas gathers to eat great food and discuss important issues in the Christian faith. The topic schedule and menu can be found below. For meeting location information, call or text Tim Dishong: 949-395-1338 or Stephen Curto: 713-540-4673

Schedule of Topics:

Aug 16: TOPIC – 1 Samuel 28 – Did the witch of Endor really raise Samuel to talk with Saul?; MENU – Ordering Pizza.

Aug 23: TOPIC – Was the American Revolution unbiblical, in light of Romans 13?; MENU – TBD

Aug 30: TOPIC – What’s the difference between preaching and teaching, and which should be done on Sunday mornings?; MENU – TBD

Sept 6: TOPIC – TBD; MENU – TBD.

You might ask, “Why ‘Big Toe Society’?” Well, when you lose your big toe, you lose your ability to balance as a human. It is essential to function, though it doesn’t appear to be so on first glance. These are the topics we discuss… those whose importance is utmost, but may not be immediately apparent.


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