Older Lesson Materials

Here you will find all of the past series and lessons we have done. These are all from before we recorded C&C, so only the handouts are available. You can see how the styles of discussion and thought changed through the years. Feel free to use whatever you like, just don’t sell it!

Biblical Books Series


Leviticus 5 Week Study

Ruth 5 Week Study

Ezra-Nehemiah 10 Week Study (missing week 8)

Amos 4 Week Study

Galatians 5 Week Study

Ephesians 7 Week Study

Philippians 7 Week Study

Jude 2 Week Study

Revelation 11 Week Study

OT Harvest Methods Low resolution Video

All Luke Files


Topical Series or Stand-Alone Lessons

Dispensationalism 2 Week Lesson

HOW to STUDY your BIBLE 3 Part Lesson

Creation Views Lesson

The Christmas Story Lesson

Biblical View of Sex

Apologetics 5 Week Lesson

Before beginning our Daniel series, we had two stand alone lessons. They are listed below.
This week I decided to do an exposition of 2 John. It’s a short book (only 13 verses) packed with important themes. The handout is particularly helpful this week.

An Exposition of 2 John .mp3 (To Download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)
An Exposition of 2 John handout .doc


This week we went over a short lesson I called “What is Theology and Why does it Matter?” It was a short lesson on prolegomena (introduction to theology) trying to convince listeners that everyone is a theologian. After the point where the recording ends, we went on talking about theology, and life, and fear, and personal things for about an hour and a half. If you want those experiences, you have to come join us on some Wednesday night! This lesson was given on November 30, 2016. Enjoy!

What is Theology and Why does it Matter? .mp3 (To Download, right click and select “Save Link As…”)
What is Theology and Why does it Matter? handout .doc