About the Blogger and the Blog

pagepicThe Blogger

Name: Stephen Curto
Email: [email protected]
DoB: Dec 5, 1991
Height: 6’3”
Weight: around 220lbs
Hometown(s): Houston, TX and Singapore, SG
Profession: Full time student (Dallas Theological Seminary-Houston) Full Time Academic Adviser/Library Associate/Facilities Assistant (Dallas Theological Seminary-Houston)
Interests: theology, bible exposition, reading, writing, music, magic, movies, golf, basketball, football, cooking, philosophy, comedy… the list could go on forever.
I am a theologically-minded deep thinker. I write from a biblical worldview. If you can’t get your head around these two facts, you will be frustrated reading my blog.

I am a dispensationalist, which means a lot of things, but what that really tells you is I try to always take the bible at it’s word, keeping it in its plain, grammatical-historical, context. I believe the ultimate purpose of the world and the universe is to glorify God, and all other purposes fall second to that one.

On politics I am a realist first, a conservative second, and a libertarian leaning independent third. I have arrived at these classifications thoughtfully and through the filter of my worldview. The one-liner I share with people is, “I would be a libertarian if I didn’t have the unfortunate condition of living in reality.”

Those who know me know I love the style of C.S. Lewis and much of what he wrote. Other than the New-Testament authors, C.S. Lewis has influenced my thinking more than any other Christian writer, and what’s funny is I disagree with a lot of his theology. I really can get along with those with whom I disagree, if they can get along with me!

I do believe in objective absolute truth and I believe that truth is sourced in the very nature of God and is revealed to us through His word, through the world in which we live (which He created), and through the person and work of Jesus of Nazareth. I believe our job is to search out what is true and hold to it as much as we can.

I would sacrifice all my other views if they (in some imaginary world) came into conflict with my core conviction that Jesus is the Son of God, the God-Man, and that his death and resurrection save me from the penalty for my sins, death, by procuring for me resurrection to eternal life.

The Blog

This blog is kind of a hodgepodge collection of my thoughts and writings as I think and write them! I write it for fun, for mental exercise, and to clearly express my beliefs to those who are curious.

I do my best to say what I believe true. Sometimes I can sound harsh and insensitive, but I rarely intend to be.

I do intend, however, to say what I believe true, regardless of how it makes people feel. Whenever possible, feelings and truth should be regarded with esteem, but when put at odds with one another, feelings should be disregarded in favor of truth.

Some posts are theological papers presented for school, some are poems and short stories, some are mere persuasive or argumentative articles written about current or not-so-current issues. I choose whatever tickles my fancy, and then I brain-vomit on a page and let you decide what to make of it.

My ultimate goal is to make people THINK! I want people to know what they believe and WHY they believe it. If I cause you to think (even if you disagree with my conclusions), I’ve achieved my goal. I’m much happier with an atheist who knows why he believes what he believes, than a Christian who doesn’t.

Please, use my words as a springboard for thought, conversation, imagination, inspiration, argumentation, and whatever else you like that doesn’t fall under the term “ignorance.”