Christians and Contraception

This topic is one that can get into the weeds and can get confusing, so I’m going to try to address it with my usual logical clarity and I might end up offending someone in the process. Please know upfront that I don’t intend to offend, all I intend to do is try to present the truth from the Bible as clearly as I can. You might go listen to the lesson “A Biblical View of Abortion, Contraception, and In-Vitro Fertilization” in conjunction with this post for some good resources or clarification. The question to be addressed is this: Should … [Read more]

Why I Stopped Saying “I’m Proud of You”

  I’m pretty picky about the words I use. I try to speak clearly and concisely, and choose my words precisely. There have been plenty of posts from me before talking about this sort of thing… from “His Name’s Not Lucifer” to “People Have Sex, Words Have Gender” to “What Does it Mean to BE Gay?” to “Yes You Are Black” to “The Dreaded A-Word” to “You’re Just Another Klansman” to “When I Criticize the Church” to “C.S. Lewis Was Wrong” to… it could go on. Yes. I talk a lot about how we use words. I think it’s important. … [Read more]

Feminism is Finished

I was one of the less vocal “Never Trumpers.” I didn’t ever vote for the man (primaries or election) and I didn’t want him to be the republican nominee or the president. (By the way, saying that I didn’t want Donald Trump to be president DOES NOT mean I wanted Hillary Clinton to be President.) However, when Trump became the republican nominee, and then the president, the “Never Trump” movement ceased to exist. The idea of Trump never being president ceased to be a movement and ideology when Trump became president. Once the goal is either achieved or defeated in … [Read more]

In the First Year of Belshazzar…

The following is a paper written for a seminary class. The prompt was to write a detailed exposition of the vision recorded in Daniel 7.   Introduction The prophecies in the book of Daniel are among those most hotly contested regarding authenticity in all the Bible because of their remarkable accuracy in predicting the future. Beyond that, some are also the most difficult to understand because they employ unexplained metaphors to the extreme. The vision in Daniel 7 is one such prophecy. This paper will undertake to accurately summarize the vision, then interpret its various forms, relating the literal meaning … [Read more]

The Rapture According to John Walvoord

The following is a short paper written for a seminary class. The prompt was “Survey writings of Dr. John F. Walvoord on eschatology in 1 & 2 Thessalonians; write a summary and your reflections.” Enjoy!   Introduction Dr. John F. Walvoord was, by any standard, a massive intellect. His impact on Dallas Seminary needs no explication. The prolific nature of his contribution to the published world, particularly concerning prophecy, is rivaled by few if any. This paper will first undertake to summarize Dr. Walvoord’s basic views on the end times, primarily the rapture and its biblical grounding in 1 Thessalonians, … [Read more]