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I realized today that I don’t write things that most people like. In a blog post, most people would prefer one of two things: (1) a set of vague, feel-good phrases about how everything is nice and they felt the change in their fears and knew in their heart to go the distance and love themselves when nobody was on their side with the swallowing their pride in the nature, love good, makes me wish love hate like free in the summer. …or… (2) Something remarkably inflammatory and bigoted that carries the same amount of thought as the first type, but … [Read more]

My Ideal Youth Ministry

This is a paper written for my Christian Ministry with Youth course at DTS. The assignment was to write your philosophy of youth ministry and include things like your essential theology, the purpose of youth ministry, and the structure and outcomes of your ideal youth ministry. It is intended to be used in interviews and applications for youth pastor jobs. If nothing else, it will give you a glimpse of what I think about how the church should be run and what the essential doctrines of Christianity are. Introduction The purpose of this work is to tell you about my … [Read more]