A String of Flowery Phrases

To preface this, I need to point out that it was a school assignment. Flash fiction, if you don’t know is a form of writing that blurs the line between a short story and poetry. The goal is to express a thought or idea as powerfully as you can in as few words as possible. It’s very similar to slam poetry. One other flash fiction I wrote is titled “Hide and Seek with a Still Small Voice”. This particular piece comes with a little story. When I was assigned to write this I thought I would poke fun at the … [Read more]

The Script

A script has been given to Christians today It tells them the words that a Christian should say. Lord fill my heart or Lord give me peace Lord use your power to make my pain cease We speak the right words and we do the right deeds And say we’re, quote, “ready to go and plant seeds.” if you pray for me then I’ll go pray for you. Take love and make love… but show love? To who? My neighbors are mean, and my enemies lie And I want my friends to think I’m a nice guy! This script, farce, … [Read more]

Hide and Seek with a Still Small Voice

He looked up quick and looked back down hoping he would not be found. Hide-and-Seek’s a dangerous game, and he had gambled with his hiding spot. He soon forgot the thought though slowly praying he would not get caught between the front room posies. Lace and flowers round him, cozy, peaceful here in safety doze he. In and out of consciousness he faded back and forth. He whispered soft a tiny cough, like speaking to the boogey-man, “Just keep me hidden while you can.” A still small voice said, “It’s a plan.” Someone big had quickly raced right by his … [Read more]

My Country Used to Have a Constitution

My country used to have a constitution, but sadly it no longer does. I say constitution by what the word used to mean, not in the way that it means nothing, as it does today. Let me explain.   Constitution comes from the root constitute. As in made of. Formed from. If a woman is pregnant, and the pregnancy weakens her constitution, then it took a lot out of her. It made what she was made of less durable. It made her less her. A constitution for a country is what the country is made of. The stuff it’s formed … [Read more]